About Lonchemin Paris

We are a brand based in Paris. There is nothing more beautiful and beneficial than sport, which is why we offer you high quality sportswear. We consider simplicity to be the new form of luxury. This is why our products are beautiful, simple and high-quality.

Our Hours

Monday-Saturday 11am–7pm ET
Sunday 11am–6pm ET

Our philosophy is simple, we wanted to create a sustainable, aesthetically flawless brand centered on the practice of sport for women and men. We started with utility, studied every product, and every consumer need to design an aesthetic and effective line of clothing. Our clothes are beautiful, they are soft and easy to clean, they last over time and are made with very high quality textiles. We use synthetic materials as well as more classic textiles such as cotton.

We deeply believe that playing sports is a good and healthy activity. By playing sports you are doing yourself good, and you are doing good to nature. But like any activity, to do well you have to be well equipped. Our clothes have been designed to allow you to exercise in the gym and outdoors. You can stay beautiful, elegant and express your personality while exerting yourself physically.

“Simplicity is the new luxury”

Our clothes are minimalist. We believe that simplicity is the source of well-being, strength and self-confidence. We have designed our collection with one idea in mind: to bring the best to those who love sports. We have designed clothes that are technically excellent and terribly effective, beautiful and that will fit you perfectly. Exercise while remaining stylish, bursting with self-confidence, and pushing your limits.