We only use high-tech fabrics

We invest in research on an ongoing basis. Our goal is to offer you the most technologically advanced textiles. We work continuously to offer you the most advanced fabrics. Our materials are breathable, we are working on textiles to retain heat in outdoor environments for jogging enthusiasts in winter. Likewise, we are developing anti-odor fabrics, allowing you to exercise physically without worrying about sweat and the natural effects of playing sports. We are working on the elasticity of the materials, but take into account simple things, for example, your underwear should never be able to be seen through leggings.

Our goal is to offer you durable, strong and effective materials that make your life easier without you having to think about it. Our watchword is quality, nothing but quality.

Trust Lonchemin to offer you products of high aesthetic and technical quality. The real technique is not visible, it is felt in daily use by the fact that it eliminates certain constraints. Our ambition is to bring you ever greater textile quality.